iLickit might be as sanitary as your iPhone, but best to clean it before play

The most visited iPhone blog site TUAW published an article about iLickit with the following title: iLickit might not be sanitary, but brings new meaning to ‘oleophobic’. Mike Schramm was quite objective, even I don’t think that iLickit isn’t sanitary. Of course in case your iPhone not really clean it needs some extra preparation to make the iPhone hygienic, clean it with an alcoholic wipe or wrap with a kitchen foil.

I think everybody who

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iLickit Lite on App Store!

iLickit Lite is now available on iTunes App Store. Click on the App Store logo above to visit iTunes.

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iLickit – User Manual No 1

Even all of our personal stuffs are as clean as we are, if you feel that your iPhone is not really hygienic, clean it or just use kitchen wrap as we did during the tests and video session. Or you can use any kind of plastic foil or bag (not to pull on head but on the iPhone :) )

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iLickit Video is a hit! More than 60.000 download after 3 days on YouTube

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iLickit – the first iPhone game you can play with your tongue

Let’s face, there are huge amount (77 500) of apps on the App Store and actually most of them are sucks. Sometimes the customers suck if they buy it, sometimes the developers if nobody buy it and sometimes both. But with iLickit nobody suck! JUST LICK!

Actually Apple couldn’t approve it yet, and this was the first time when I feel quite relevant the well known, ill-fated email feedback during the submission process: “…Your application…., is

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halihow is a team of professionals to develop next generation applications for mobile devices especially for iPhone. iLickit is our lovechild, we did not plan it, but if it happened we love it very much! Even we plan some similar children, meantime we worked hard on the big hit coming soon!